Workshops of the subprojects

In order to actively involve local authorities and experts, each subproject conducts a workshop:


Workshop Subproject 6: Risk assessment Flanders, start-up workshop of the pilot studies
(25 and 26 February, Oostende, Belgium)

Workshop Subproject 3: Public perception and participation in coastal flood risk management (11 and 12 June, Eckernförde, Germany)

Workshop Subproject 4: Performance of risk management measures
(7 and 8 October, Norwich, UK)

Workshop Subproject 5: Hydraulic boundary conditions
(4 and 5 November, Ribe, Denmark)

Workshop Subproject 7: Risk assessment Wadden Sea, progress of the pilot studies
(5 and 6 November, Ribe, Denmark)



Workshop Subproject 1: Policies and strategies for coastal risk management
(16 and 17 February, The Netherlands)

Workshop Subproject 2: Risk assessment and strategic planning
(17 and 18 February, The Netherlands)

Workshop Subproject 9: Risk assessment Langeoog
(11 and 12 May, Langeoog, Germany)

Workshop Subproject 8: Risk assessment Lincolnshire, results of the pilot studies
(15 - 17 September, UK)


COMRISK 2005 - International Conference on Coastal Risk Management  - Kiel, Germany, 18 -20 April 2005

During the final project conference the outcomes of the subprojects will be presented and discussed with risk management experts from administration, research institutes and private companies. Key-note speakers will address the state-of-the-art on different aspects of risk management.

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