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Interreg IIIB North Sea Region

European Union

Related projects and other interesting sites

CoastBase - The European Virtual Coastal and Marine Data Warehouse

Delta 2003 - in commemoration of the 1953 flood disaster

EUCC - The Coastal Union

EUCC - Die Küsten Union Deutschland

Eurosion - a European initiative for sustainable coastal erosion management

FloodRiskNet - Flood and coastal risk, reliability and uncertainty network

KRIM - Climate Change and Preventive Risk and Coastal Protection Management on the German North Sea Coast

Kustzonebeleid - project 'Beleidslijn kust' (in Dutch)

MERK - Mikroskalige Evaluation der Risiken in überflutungsgefährdeten Küstenniederungen (in German)

NetCoast - A Guide to Integrated Coastal Zone Management

NOKIS - Meta data information system for coastal research and engineering

PRODEICH - Probabilistic Design Tools for Seadikes

RASP - Risk Assessment of Flood and Coastal Defence for Strategic Planning

SEAREG - Sea Level Change Affecting the Spatial Development in the Baltic Sea Region

Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation