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COMRISK aims at improved coastal flood risk management through a transfer and evaluation of knowledge and methods as well as pilot studies. The project runs from July 2002 to June 2005 and is divided into two main parts:  the umbrella project and the subprojects.

The umbrella project focuses on an exchange of experience and on the co-ordination and integration of the subprojects.  It has the following specific objectives:

  • to bring together coastal defence experts from administration, science and private companies from around the North Sea and beyond,
  • to exchange experiences and studies of good practise on coastal risk management,
  • to evaluate and further develop innovative integrated risk management strategies, considering national regulations and responsibilities,
  • to initiate and support transnational co-operation on integrated coastal risk management (networking),
  • to integrate coastal risk management into strategies for a sustainable management of the coastal zones in the North Sea Region.