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To actively involve  local communities in the pilot studies, permanent contact groups have been established with members from local and regional authorities responsible for coastal flood defence. Progress and results of the studies are reported to these contact groups.

Futher, each subproject conducts a workshop to which local authorities and experts are invited. During the workshops, study progress as well as relevant local topics are discussed by the participants (the project team, the contractors, local authorities and external experts).

The output of the main project phase will be the final reports of the pilot and evaluation studies as well as the publication of a first COMRISK brochure.

Finally an international conference will be organized. Here, in sessions the outcomes of the pilot and evaluation studies will be presented and discussed with risk management experts from administration, research institutes and private companies.


On the basis of the conference proceedings and the preceding activities a second brochure will be prepared, containing principles and recommendations for innovative and integrated risk management strategies in the North Sea Region.

The outcome of the project will be an enhanced network between the partners. Each of them, being the highest coastal defence authoritiy in its state/region, will establish a policy paper with recommendations to improve coastal risk management.